Alex is very professional in appearance and attitude, as well as very friendly and pleasant. He's very strong and has a thorough knowledge of the muscles and nerves.  He advised me on how to change my habits that keep my muscles so tense and painful, for which I'm very grateful.  I highly recommend Alex and his excellent service. 
Debbie,  A Happy Customer


I received my first massage from April. I have had many massages over the years and will say April is one of the best therapists l have experienced. She was on time, asked, listened to and addressed my pain issues. She is professional, hard working and articulate. I highly recommend her to others and l am glad l chose AHmassage,



I love the convenience and  comfort of a massage in my own home. April and the other therapists I have been treated by are always professional, kind, and friendly.  I have consistently received excellent massages. I have been treated by many therapists in various states over the last 16 years and April is one of the very best!



April has been my massage therapist for the last three years...I have done massage since the 1970s and she has helped my arthritis and constant pain...I would recommend her highly,



I have been receiving massages from April and her crew for over four years now and have never been disappointed with any of the therapists.  Today was the first time with Brianne and she was amazing.  Being able to relax in your home before, during and after the massage is priceless.  If you are looking for professionals in all aspects, pick up the phone and call AHmassage.  

San Tan Valley
Brianne was very professional, showed up on time, listened to what I asked for and did a very thorough job. Would definitely recommend.



My massage with Brianne was great. I really liked her and will be using her again. She knew where my problem areas were and focused on them. She was courteous, professional yet friendly. I was very satisfied with my massage experience.



When I need stress relief, I call the wonderful people at AHmassage. Brianne made me feel relaxed. She listened to my special needs and focused on my problem areas. Sometimes you can't just do things on your own and it's time to call in the professionals. Thank you Brianne at AHMassage.



April arrived promptly and took excellent care of my pain needs. I got a solid 90 minute massage, exactly focusing on my tight shoulders and neck. Thank you so much for the fabulous massage and better health. Today my head is clear and I feel great! 



April gave me one of the best massages I have ever received.  And I have had 100's:) I had a rock hard mountain on my neck and shoulders for weeks. Its been 5 hours since April was here and im completely pain free!!!! She arrived a few minutes early with a bright smile and quiet personality. Love her comfy soft sheets and healing touch....so yummy. I usually have to give instructions, lighten the touch or pressure but with April I had no words. I didn't need to talk....just enjoy. I drifted in and out of sleep....never wanting her to stop. Next time im booking for 90 minutes of nirvana!!! Very proffesional, prompt and efficient company. I will definitely be telling my friends.

Aloha, Terra


I am spoiled. Having a massage therapist come to my home is wonderful.   A time saver and so relaxing. April is dependable, professional, and provides exceptional massage therapy.  She takes the time to understand my trouble spots and customizes the massage to address those. Even better, an hour massage is really 60 minutes of massage.  I have belonged to clubs before, and an hour massage really meant only 45 minutes of massage. I have had wonderful results from the massage therapy April has provided.  I highly recommend her. 

Dianna Queen Creek


I have been a client of April’s for about 5 years. She is absolutely WONDERFUL. I love massages and have been to all of the four and five star resorts around AZ. April blows all other therapist away. She is incredible with always knowing the perfect pressure. She puts you at ease as soon as she walks in the door. She brings everything, even music to your house for your session. She is professional and accountable. I recommend her to all of my friends, even though I would like to keep her my secret, so she doesn’t get to busy. I have also received a massage from Anthony, when April was out of town. Anthony was wonderful and very professional as well. AHmassage therapists are the perfect people to call for relaxation or to release stress and tension from our everyday lives.

Alisa, Queen Creek


My husband had heard of how wonderful April was from a friend, and he surprised me with multiple gift certificates for massages. The best present EVER! I couldn't be more thankful for April! She is the sweetest, most professional therapist, and so good about working around my schedule. I love too, that she comes to my home! I carry so much tension in my shoulders and neck, and I have never had anyone able to relieve that tension like she does. She is an incredible massage therapist, and has exceeded my expectations in every way!



I just wanted to thank you for sending Anthony to me. I was supposed to be on vacation, but was having trouble enjoying myself because I was in so much pain. Anthony was prompt and professional, and his technique was incredible. Again, thank you so much for saving my vacation. My compliments and thanks to Anthony, who truly did a fabulous job. I am happy to give him 5 stars!



Anthony is very professional and I would recommend him to anyone.  Now I face a tough decision for my next massage...April, Heather or Anthony??? 

- Jim Smith


We are so grateful to have discovered AHmassage, and April!  My husband and I were looking for a trustworthy, compassionate and professional therapist that could work around our sometimes chaotic schedule.  April has done just that and has exceeded our expectations.  She is professional in every manner.  I am a true believer in self-care and having space to relax in between the busy-ness of life.  She has always accommodated our schedules, reminded us of appointments and been on time.  Additionally, I have suffered from horrible migraines and chronic headaches for years and since being seen by April, I have drastically reduced the amount of headaches I have been experiencing.  She is always open to hearing what areas need more attention so that I can find relief and relaxation.  I don't know what my husband and I would do without April!  We always look forward to our regularly scheduled massages and are beyond grateful for her services.

-Jackie & Brandon __________________________________________________________________________________

It has been such a pleasure to have had treatment from April and Heather of AHmassage. In the last three years I have had treatment for back pain and general muscle soreness. What I like best is they set up their table at my home for the massage. This way I can truly relax rather than having to drive to and from therapy. They are both promt, polite, and professional. Their prices are very reasonable and the results of their treatment are lasting.  I would recommend AHmassage to anyone!

Arthur L. Silver Queen Creek, AZ

My wife and I schedule our first massage as a special treat for ourselves. However, we were so pleased with the level of care, effectiveness, convenience, and professionalism that we began to schedule regular couples massages. April and Heather are very skilled and effective massage therapists whether it\'s therapeutic or just for relaxation. We love being able to get amazing couples massages in the confort of our own home at a very affordable rate. Highly recommended.

Eric and Courtney Snyder

My wife and I have used both April & Heather for our massages and they both do an awesome job! They are very punctual, professional and offer a wide variety of massages from relaxation to deep tissue. My wife currently receives weekly massages from April and looks forward to them every week. It has really helped her back and neck pain. I would highly recommend both April & Heather to anyone looking for a great massage! 

Wayne & Leah

I've had the great pleasure of having both Heather and April give me massages over the past couple of years on a regular basis. They are both prompt, care about what you need worked, and have strong hands. As someone who works a lot on computers, my forearms, neck and back get out of whack. Their deep tissue massage does the trick. Highly recommend them to anyone...especially if you're looking for someone who can give good deep tissue massages.

Steve Valero

Both April and Heather are prompt, professional and excellent massage therapists to help relieve any aches, pains or just to relax.  I have been receiving massages for over twelve years and the level of service provided by April and Heather for the price is unmatched.  You will not be disappointed.  Make the call!



I wanted to let others who may be searching to find a massage therapist know how terrific you are. I want you to know how much you helped me.  After the one bad experience I had years ago, you have dispelled all my reservations about having a massage. I plan to take advantage of your capable hands on a regular basis.

Thank you again,        

Debbie Hawthorne

April and Heather are wonderful therapists! I give them 5 stars!


I am so very happy to have April as my massage therapist! I suffer from lupus & rheumatoid arthritis and am so often in pain. My doctor recommended adding massage to my medical treatment and after the first treatment felt amazing relief. April"s massages are calming and allow the muscles to relax. Massage days are my favorite days of the month!

Rita Radney

I have been a regular customer of massage services for almost 10 years.  When I retired and started spending 6 months per year in the Queen Creek, AZ area, I was fortunate to find April Cole to be my massage therapist.  As an example of how valuable I find her service about the 2nd week of March, 2011 I had a small accident while out riding my bicycle.  I had a badly bruised ankle on my left foot which was swollen for several days and very tender/painful.  I find that at my age (66 years), it takes me longer to heal than it used to.  On March 25th April provided a massage with special emphasis on assisting this ankle problem.  Within 48 hours the ankle was feeling much better and the swelling was eliminated.  April has also provided excellent assistance with my problem shoulders.  I have bursitis in both shoulders due to cartilage deterioration.  Each time I receive a massage this problem is lessened for several days.

Lawrence Landherr

Dear Heather, I want to thank you for the many massages you have given me and for the relief they have brought from the pain I have in my back and because of the arthritis I have in almost all of my body.  The massage relieves the stress I have from the pain and it helps me to relax.  I look forward to each one and my body  tells me I need to see you.  God bless you.


I received a prenatal massage from April as a gift for my anniversary, and she was wonderful! She was very professional, on time, friendly, and very accommodating for my preferences and my condition. I had received a massage elsewhere before, but would highly recommend April as I felt better after her massage than the other place. In addition, it was great that she came to my house! Even more convenient!

Audrey Cones

I received a massage that was very relaxing and restorative. Made me think that when I am stressed or overtired I should get a massage. The therapist was very respectful and conscientous. My stress melted away and left me feeling deeply relaxed and very refreshed. A very pleasant experience and highly recommend.

Bill Armentrout